Presentations (PDF download)

Link Session Title Authors
PDF download 10A Transparency in the supply chain with intelligent returnable packaging solutions Erik Ekkel
PDF download 10A Smart and modular containers for the Physical Internet – possibilities and obstacles Florian Ehrentraut
PDF download 10B Introduction in Physical Internet Eric Ballot and Andreas Nettsträter
PDF download 11A Complex Systems as a model for implementing Physical Internet standards: “Using Drones for last mile logistics" Luis López-Molina, Jaime de Miguel Rodríguez, Vanessa Rodriguez Cornejo, Ángel Cervera Paz, Miguel Ángel Montañez Del Río and Rosario García García
PDF download 11B Self-organizing organization and coordination in automated transport Hans Quak
PDF download 11B Hyperloop for sustainable logistics Stefan Marges
PDF download 11B Innovation drivers in aviation Geert Boosten
PDF download 11B Collaborative autonomous vehicles as a new mode of transportation Bayu Jayawardhana
PDF download 11B Autonomous Sailing Robert Hekkenberg
PDF download 11C Introduction Serious gaming Liesbeth Staps
PDF download 15A Optimising the Capacity of the Parcel Lockers Russel Thompson
PDF download 15A Parcel lockers in an open network Nick Bond
PDF download 15A Hyperconnected Mobile Buffer Storage Capacity Management Louis Faugere
PDF download 15A Impact of Modular Containerization and Continuous Consolidation on Hyperconnected Parcel Logistics Hub Design and Performance Shannon Buckley
PDF download 15A E-commerce & the Physical Internet Kees Jan Roodbergen
PDF download 15B Commercial and legal aspects of increased collaboration Frans Cruijssen
PDF download 15B Governance of Data Exchange Michiel Haarman
PDF download 15B Industry's Needs for Governance of the Physical Internet Rutger Thielen
PDF download 16A Applying blockchain technology for situational awareness in logistics - an example from rail Wout Hofman, Jacco Spek and Christian van Ommeren
PDF download 16A Physical Blockchain: A Blockchain use case for the Physical Internet Yari Borbon Galvez and Fabrizio Dallari
PDF download 16B Future developments in city logistics and the role of procurement Hans Quak
PDF download 16B Zero Emission City Logistics Groningen Paul de Rook
PDF download 16B Opening of the smart city freight hub "Goederenhub Groningen Eelde" Karel van der Lingen
PDF download 16D Synchromodality in the Physical Internet: Dual Sourcing and Real-time Switching between Transport Modes Nina Lemmens, Joren Gijsbrechts and Robert Boute
PDF download 16D A deep reinforcement learning approach for synchronized multi-modal replenishment Joren Gijsbrechts and Robert Boute
PDF download 16E From the Digital Internet to the Physical Internet: A conceptual framework with a simple network model Chuanwen Dong and Rod Franklin
PDF download 16E Towards Hyperconnected Supply Chain Capability Planning: Conceptual Framework Proposal Raphaël Oger, Benoit Montreuil, Matthieu Lauras and Frédérick Bénaben
PDF download 16E Analogies and differences between routers and logistics hubs. Jordi Arjona Aroca and Salvador Furió Pruñonosa
PDF download 17A ALICE Roadmap: Currently Identified Research Areas Andreas Nettsträter
PDF download 17B Last Mile Standards as enablers for PI adoption Jaco Voorspuij and Frits van den Bos
PDF download 17B Physical Internet enabled bulky goods urban delivery system: a case study in customized furniture industry Hao Luo, Siyu Tian and Xiang T.R. Kong
PDF download 17B Urban Large-Item Logistics with Hyperconnected Fulfillment and Transportation Nayeon Kim, Benoit Montreuil and Nitish Kholgade
PDF download 17B The Physical Internet: Towards Hyperconnected City Logistics Benoit Montreuil
PDF download 19B Moving towards practical implementation of self-organizing logistics – making small steps in realizing the PI vision by raising awareness Hans Quak, Elisah Van Kempen and Meike Hopman
PDF download 19B Introduction to Human Aspects in Logistics and Physical Internet Bas van Bree
PDF download 19B Learning from History Rik Peters
PDF download 20A AEOLIX Data sharing network Lina Konstantinopoulou
PDF download 20A Services platform for logistics Frank Knoors
PDF download 20A The Meaning and Importance of True Intermodal Route Planning in the Context of the Physical Internet Matthias Prandtstetter
PDF download 20A Connectivity Nik Delmeire
PDF download 20B Physical Internet's importance to decarbonizing logistics Bill Pawluk
PDF download 20B The role of synchromodality in reducing emissions and costs Leon Simons
PDF download 20B GLEC Framework as the universal method for better data and decisions toward emission reductions Eszter Toth-Weedon
PDF download 20B State of the art in carbon footprinting of business logistics activities Igor Davydenko
PDF download 20C Inventory Control Models towards Physical Internet: Lateral Transshipment Policy Determination by Simulation Banu Yetkin Ekren, Anil Akpunar and Gizem Mullaoglu
PDF download 20C Inventory Control under Possible Delivery Perturbations in Physical Internet Supply Chain Network Maroua Nouiri, Abdelghani Bekrar and Damien Trentesaux
PDF download 20C Road-Rail Assignment Problem: Mathematical Formulation, Heuristic and Tabu Search. Tarik Chargui, Abdelghani Bekrar, Mohamed Reghioui and Damien Trentesaux
PDF download 20C An industry-oriented and fair gain sharing allocation rule Robert Boute and Tom Van Steendam
PDF download 20D Trust in a multi-tenant, logistics, data sharing infrastructure: Opportunities for blockchain technology Simon Dalmolen, Wout Hofman, Harrie Bastiaansen, Hans Moonen, Erik Cornelisse and Matthijs Punter
PDF download 20D Physical Internet: Stakeholders Mapping Walid Mourhrib, Sahar Validi and Samir Dani
PDF download 20D Freight transportation mechanisms in the Physical Internet Mariam Lafkihi, Eric Ballot and Shenle Pan
PDF download Keynote On the proper behaviour of people, parcels and packets. What can they learn from each other? Robert Jan Ter Kuile
PDF download Keynote The synchromodal mindshift Wando Boevé
PDF download Keynote Divide or diverse? Power of diversity in logistics Kristel Groenenboom
PDF download Keynote Smart Freight Leadership to drive the transformation of the logistics sector Sophie Punte
PDF download Keynote Why realizing Physical Internet fast is necessary on the path of zero emissions logistics Sergio Barbarino

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