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IPIC2021 Virtual Conference will provide participants with a complete and immersive virtual experience of live and interactive sessions, discussions, meetings and networking events with speakers and attendees. All participants  -on a single sign in- will gain access to a variety of interactive features and will have the option to personalize their environment (e.g. preferences, topics, options, content etc.) so that they can get the most of this year’s IPIC.  
Check in the conference, enter the lobby, step in the main auditorium, visit the exhibition hall, see who is there, enter different meeting rooms, check the sponsor’s space, enjoy multispeaker sessions and live broadcasting features, access a fully integrated environment, create communities’ hubs, initiate and schedule meetings and chats with attendees, search for information on virtual booths, return to the content -even after the end of the conference- and follow up with contacts: all these are some of the features that will offer an enhanced experience of IPIC. 



Meeting and Networking is important part of IPIC2021. At the Online exhibition, all sponsors, exhibitors and organizers will be involved and represented with enhanced visibility features such as videos, brochures, extended info, social info and connections to attendees etc.
All attendees and exhibitors will have access to plenty of opportunities for networking as they will be able to:  
  • Edit and personalize their contact information and make it visible to others
  • Present the organization/project/ exhibitor using a variety of features 
  • Schedule appointments and establish connections
  • Start a chat with attendees
  • Share presentations or upload files
  • Visit the sponsors/exhibitors booth and chat with them or make mutual connections
  • Access the content even after the exhibition has ended
  • Follow up of the conversations 
  • Maintain connections after the exhibition
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