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The future of the global freight and logistics industry will be shaped during a 3-day conference in Athens, starting on 15 June 2021. A Doctoral Colloquium as a pre-conference event is foreseen on the 14 of June. Improve freight transport and logistics’ efficiency and sustainability through a connected, interoperable and shared use of logistics networks is a great opportunity. The Physical Internet concept aims to get freight flows and logistics services as accessible and connected as information and services are over internet in both global and last mile. Physical Internet aims at asset sharing and flow consolidation on a massive scale supporting the brutal challenge of freight transport and logistics decarbonization.

Aim of the conference

The 8th Annual International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) aims to provide an open forum for industry, innovators, researchers, government officials and citizens to introduce leading edge concepts, technology applications and methodologies for future interconnected logistics; to review the state-of-the-art technologies and latest projects, and to identify critical issues and challenges for future Physical Internet induced research, innovation and implementation. Specifically, the conference focuses on insights for implementation steps of the Physical Internet in the different generations and time frames from next year to 2030.

Conference topics

Conference topics include:

  • Logistics Nodes;
  • Logistics Networks;
  • System of Logistic Networks;
  • Access and Adoption;
  • Governance.

We will soon open the call for contributions to the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) 2021 in the following areas:

  • Conceptual research, assessment research, case study research, modelling and validation research.
  • White papers or case study describing an application in practice.
  • Reports with results of novel applications and technologies or innovative ideas and positions resulting from a project jointly performed by an academic and industry partner.

Accepted contributions will be presented either orally or as posters. Both types will be included in the conference proceedings. Proposers should indicate whether they submit a paper or a poster. 

Are you a PhD Student? Then you can also participate in the IPIC Doctoral Colloquium!
On the 14 of June, the fourth edition of the IPIC Doctoral Colloquium will take place. The Doctoral Colloquium is a one-day event aimed at developing and mentoring PhD students. Doctoral students are warmly invited to submit their work before the submission deadline of May 1.

Submissions* must be made on-line via

Please note that you must first register for an EasyChair account to be able to access the above link. First-time users, please visit EasyChair's "How to make a new submission" for an overview of the submission system."How to make a new submission" for an overview of the submission system.

*All submitted papers will be evaluated with regards to their suitability for the conference, originality and technical soundness.

Timetable and Deadlines

  • Abstract submission:                                    
    • 200 words for posters
    • 1000 words for oral papers

5 March

  • Abstract acceptance notification:

19 March

  • Full paper and poster submission:              

30 April

  • Comments to full paper and poster:

14 May

  • Final paper and poster submission:

31 May

Download Call for Contributions

Download the Templates:

For contributing abstracts - deadline March 5th 2021

For full papers/posters:


The contributions may be related, yet not limited, to the following topics:


Logistics Nodes

o   Non-standardised transhipment nodes;

o Open and Seamless nodes service offering;

o Automated node service request and response;

o Nodes interconnect across networks;

o Autonomous PI nodes;

Logistics Networks

o  Rise of booking platforms;

o Operational/Synchromodality / Physical Intranets;

o Multiple shipment joint/split;

o Sense and respond optimization of network flows;

o Fully Autonomous PI Network services and operations

System of Logistic Networks;

o  Silos within Silos (separated subnetworks);

o Network to network connectivity;

o Extended inter-network connectivity;

o Scalable logistics networks interconnectivity;

o Complete PI functionality and networks interconnectivity;

Access and Adoption

o  Pooling and alliances;

o Sectoral, regional, seamless vertical PI demonstration;

o Large-scale PI demonstrations;

o PI expansion;

o Everyone can access the PI;


o  Scattered and unbalanced terms, rules and standards;

o Rules and governance for asset-sharing platforms;

o Foundation of PI governance body;

o Industrial adoption of PI rules and models;

o Stable PI rules and models

Special Issue on International Journal of Production Economics

The future of the global freight and logistics industry will be shaped during a 3-day conference at Shenzhen University in Shenzhen starting 17th June, 2020 (18th November, 2020). More information…

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