Doctoral Colloquium Organizaing Committee

We are looking for PhD students highly motivated to take the challenge to organize a full day of activities with peers.

What you can expect:

The IPIC 2021 organizing committee will support you answering your questions and mentoring in the process. You will gain experience in organizing events, conferences and reaching out a variety of individuals acting as host and co-chair of the event.

What we expect from you:

  • Promote the Docotorall Colloquium and find potential participants.
  • Definine the agenda and contact speakers.
  • Organize the review process of the papers received to the Doctoral Colloquium:
    • Gather reviewers.
    • Allocating reviewers and follow up the review process.
  • Arrange paper presentation sessions and discussion topics.
  • Any other activities you think that could be interesting for the group.


How to apply?

Applications need to be directed to ref: Doctoral Colloquium Committee Application. You need to include a motivation letter containing:

  • The reasons to apply and expectations.
  • In case you have participated in previous IPIC Doctoral Colloquiums, what you liked more and less and what you would do different, considering it is online.
  • Which kind of support you will provide and you think you may need.
  • It is encouraged that the student includes a letter suppurting the candidature from her/his advisor.


  • Application to be part of the Doctoral Colloquium Organizing Committee

March 31, 2021

IPIC 2021

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