Doctoral colloquium (Monday, July 07 2019)

Time Topic
09:00 - 09:30 Registration and welcome coffee
09:30 - 09:45 Welcome & Opening by Ministry of Transort
09:45 - 11:15 Gaming Session
11:15 - 11:30 Break
11:30 - 12:45 Presentations - Session 1
12:45 - 13:45 Lunch
13:45 - 15:00 Presentations - Session 2
15:00 - 15:15 Break
15:15 - 16:55 Presentations - Session 3
16:55 - 17:00 Break
17:00 - 18:00

Keynote & Panel about PI Roadmap

Followed by Dinner @ CASS

Day 1 (Tuesday, July 08, 2019)


Time Topic
09:00-10:00 Registration and welcome coffee

Opening ceremony:

  • Herald Reuijters.  Director Investment, Innovative and Sustainable Transport, European Commission DG-MOVE
  • Nicola Yates OBE.  CEO, Connected Places Catapult
  • Sergio Barbarino.  Chairman ALICE & Procter & Gamble

Plenary: A Hyperconnected Transport System Supporting the Physical

Chair: Sergio Barbarino. Chairman ALICE, Procter & Gamble.



  • Jean Francois Aguinaga. Head of Unit. European Commission, European Commission, DG RTD
  • Carlo Borghini. Executive Director. SHIFT2RAIL Joint Undertaking
  • Stephan Neugebauer. Chairman of European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) and Director Global Research Cooperation at BMW.
  • Torsten Klimke. Deputy Head of the Unit Innovation and Research, European Commission DG-MOVE.

Session 1: Rail Freight Innovation for the Physical Internet

Chair: Carlo M Borghini. Executive Director, SHIFT2RAIL Joint Undertaking

Filip Kitanoski - Digital Freight Rail Operations within S2R

Florence Delalande - Innovative IoT services_TRAXENS Rail

Keith Dierkx - AI in Railfreight and Multi-Modal

Kelvin Davies - Innovate UK and Rail Innovation

Session 2: Autonomous Road Transport & Logistics

Chair:Mats Rosenquist. Collaboration Advocacy, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

Guido Sacchetto - Autonomous Transport European Research Outlook and the future Horizon Europe Programme. European Commission, DG RTD

Hans Schurmans - The vision of a shipper and a Logistics Service provider. Proximus

Oliver Schauer - Revealing mutual relationships between truck platooning and Smart Hyperconnected Physical Internet Systems. LOGISTIKUM

Steffan Neugebauer - ERTRAC be focussed

Posters presented in this session:

Intelligent Road Space Management for Freight’ (IRoMF). Simon Barnes

Automated delivery of shipments in urban areas. Franz Kopica, Walter Morales and Cristina Olaverri-Monreal

Session 3: Ports & Hubs as the PI Corner Stone

Chair: Katrin Reschwamm, VNL Schweitz

Carles RuaPorts (and hubs) acting now to reach the PI in the future. Port of Barcelona

Davide Scatorchia - Digitalization in the Air Cargo Industry. Air Cargo Belgium

John Kanellopoulos - Sustainable port development: towards the Physical Internet concept. ICCS.

Pieter de Waard - Ports setting standars and protocols for seamless end to end transport. Port of Rotterdam

Posters Presented in this session:

Big Data and Data Analytics for Ports of the Future, COREALIS. Georgios Tsimiklis, Amalia Nikolopoulou, Carlos Morillo, Jihed Khiari and Angelos Amditis.


Session 4: Trade Facilitation enabled by Interconnectivity

Session Chair: Dr Mike Short, CBE Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Trade

Robert Hardy - Brexit a SWOT analysis in reverse. Oakland Invicta

Nuno Bento - Trade Facilitation and the Physical Internet. MIXMOVE.

Jaco Voorspuij - Cross border procedures in the Physical Internet. GS1

Posters Presented in this session:

‘Intelligent Road Space Management for Freight’ (IRoMF). Simon Barnes

Session 5: Revisiting transport of goods modes: pipelines, tubes and hyperloop

Session Chair: Kris Neyens, Manager Internationalization. VIL vzw

Roger Miles - Underground Logistics Systems - The Freight Transport Moe for 21st Century Supply Chains. Mole Solutions.

Phill Davies - A revolutionary delivery utility. Magway

Kris Neyens - Could the Hyperloop enhance the Physical Internet's efficiency?. VIL.

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse - New governance models to integrate tubes in a multimodal transport system. BIG-FPTI, TRI-VIZOR


Session 6: Routing and Synchromodality

Session Chair: Lori Tavasszy, TU Delft

Paper contributions presented in this session:

Conceptual Model of a Decentralised Transport Organisation in the Increasingly  Uncertain Transport Environment of the Physical Internet. Georg Brunnthaller, Georg Schett, Christina Hess and Stefanie Kritzinger

Decision making in a Dynamic Transportation Network: a Multi-Objective Approach. Max Ortega Del Vecchyo, Frank Phillipson and Alex Sangers

Reduction of Variables for Solving Logistic Flow Problems. Kishan Kalicharan, Frank Phillipson,  Alex Sangers and Myrte De Juncker

User Equilibrium in an Agent-Based Transportation Space-Time Network. Lianne Bruijns,  Frank Phillipson and Alex Sangers

Synchromodality in the Physical Internet: Real-time Switching in a Multimodal Network with Stochastic Lead Times. Hannah Yee, Joren Gijsbrechts and Robert Boute

The Digital Twin concept and its role in reducing uncertainty in synchromodal transport. Tomas Ambra, An Caris and Cathy Macharis.


Start-up & Ventures Pitch & Awards

Session Chair: Paola Cossu. CEO FIT Consulting and SENSE H2020 Project Consortium Business intelligence, data strategies and architecture solutions for clean, Smart City logistics Javi Esquillor, Flows & scales

Last Mile Team Last Mile Digital Platform. Angel Batalla, Founder and CEO 

Ogoship Your digital warehouse network. Henri Mehto, COO at Ogoship

Ponera Group Paving the Way Towards Sustainable Logistics. Matthew Reali, Co-founder and Business Development

Day 2 (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

Time Topic
08:00-08:30 Morning coffee

Session 1: ALICE/SENSE Roadmap Workshop

SENSE Workshop Presentation Fernando Liesa

Background document for the workshop on the Physical Internet Roadmap  Fedback is welcome!


08:30 –  General (short) introduction to SENSE project.  Fernando Liesa. Secretary General, ALICE.

08:40 –  Physical Internet Roadmap: Main streams and generations.  Andreas Nettsträter. Fraunhofer IML & Sergio Barbarino, ALICE Chair and P&G

09:00 – Getting the Physical Internet Community Feedback on the roadmap (all attendees)

10:30 – End of workshop 


Session 2: SELIS Workshop

1. SELIS Overview

2. LLs London Overview

3. SCN Concept

4. SCN Security Federation


Session 3: Cargo Bundling & Logistics optimisation

Session Chair: Shenle Pan. Mines ParisTech – PSL and PI Pioneer Award 2017

Trends changing the shape of supply chain networks. Andrew Palmer. Director, Preston  Solutions Ltd.

Enhanced data management techniques for real time logistics planning and scheduling. Miguel Van Asch. Innovation Project Manager, Ahlers Belgium.

Logistics tracking and synchronisation solution of CommaTech. Dr. Xiang T.R. Kong. CEO, Comma Technology Ltd.

A New ‘Gain-Sharing’ Business Model to facilitate the Physical Internet via a Competitive, Collaborative Logistics Platform. Alix Vargas, Andrew Traill, Carmen Fuster and David Corne

Posters for this session include:

Freight Share Lab: New ‘Gain-Sharing’ Collaborative Logistics Platform Offering a Stronger Business Case and Accelerating Developments Towards the Physical Internet. Alix Vargas, Andrew Traill, Carmen Fuster and David Corne.


Plenary: Physical Internet answering to Retail & City Logistics Challenges

Chair: Benoit Montreuil. Professor & Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair. Georgia Tech



  • Richard Wilding OBE. Chartered Institute for Logistics/Cranfield School of Management
  • François Regis Le Tourneau. Corporate Supply Chain Standards and Prospective Director. L'Oréal.
  • Christian Lafrance. CEO. Cleardestination. Winning IPIC2017 Venture awards.
  • Patrick Mercier-Handisyde. Principal Administrator. European Commission – DG Research & Innovation.

Session 4: Sustainable Distribution & E-Commerce Logistics

Session Chair: Charlotte Migne, Group Sustainable Development Director, FM Logistic

Richard Wilding OBE. Chartered Institute for Logistics & Cranfield School of Management Presenting: Presenting: An overview on sustainable distribution and e-commerce

François-Régis Le Tourneau. Corporate Supply Chain Standards and Prospective Director, L’Oréal Presenting: An industry perspective on sustainable distribution and city logistics

Jeremy Bassinder. Executive Partner, IBM Data Leverage in an Urban Environment

Devrim Kara. Sales Director, PTV UK Presenting: Modelling & Designing Cities for PI Distribution

Poster for this session:

On-demand transhipment of freight deliveries in urban areas: A physical Internet-enabled multi-mode mobility service. Olivier Labarthe, Walid Klibi, Jean-Christophe Deschamps and Benoit Montreuil.

Session 5: Physical Internet Retail & Distribution Networks

Session Chair: LUO Hao. Associate Professor & Head, Department of Transportation Economics and Logistics Management College of Economics, Shenzhen University

Paper contributions presented in this session:

Digital Twin-enabled Synchronization Mechanism for Pick-and-Sort Ecommerce Order Fulfillment. Kong Xiangtianrui, George Q. Huang and Hao Luo

Physical Internet enabled bulky goods delivery and pick up solution in city logistics. Siyu Tian, Hao Luo and Xuan Yang

Hyperconnected Megacity Logistics: Multi-Tier Territory Clustering and Multi-Plane Meshed Hub Network Design. Dan Tu and Benoit Montreuil

Optimizing Product Availability in a Hyperconnected Network of Dealerships. Jinyong Yim, Shahab Derhami and Benoit Montreuil

Hyperconnected Showcasing-Based Retail and Distribution of High-Value Products. Jisoo Park, Benoit Montreuil, Iman Dayarian and Shahab Derhami

Poster presented in this session:

Hyperconnected Logistics for Farm-to-Table Platforms. Isabella Sanders, Jiali Z and Benoit Montreuil.

Session 6: Transport Collaboration, Interconnected & Shared Warehouses

Session Chair: Dirk ‘t Hooft, ALICE Strategy and Communications Director

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse. Co-founder, TRI-VIZOR Presenting: Cargill and Skretting Horizontal Collaboration Case

Nikolina Apostolova-Riehl. CEO & Founder, Stockbooking Presenting: The big jump: from shared warehouses to interconnected warehousing network

Marianne Richeux & Peter Murphy. Program Lead for Zero Waste World & Development Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions, CHEP Presenting: Move more with less – CHEP transport collaboration programme

Knut Fedrik Ramstad. CEO MIXMOVE Presenting: Transport Collaboration Shared and Interconnected Warehouses

Jon Sleeman. Head of EMEA Industrial & Logistics Research, JLL Presenting: Interconnected & Shared Warehousing: The Real State Perspective



Session 7: Urban Logistics & Parcel Distribution

Session Chair: Walid Klibi. KEDGE Business School & PI Builder Award 2018.

Invited presentations:

Last mile harmonised parcel label. Agata Horzela, T&L Manager, GS1 Poland & Malgorzata Kirchner, Acting Deputy Director for Sales and Commercialization, Lukasiewicz – Institute of Logistics and Warehousing

Contributions presented in this session:

Parcel lockers for the pickup and delivery problem with transhipment in Hyper-connected City logistics. Chaojie Guo, Russell Thompson and Greg Foliente.

On the Potentials and Dilemmas of Cooperative/White-Label Deliveries based on Selected Austrian Demonstration Cases. Matthias Prandtstetter, Benjamin Biesinger, Bin Hu, Pamela Nolz et all.

Parcel Lockers for B2B Distribution in Central Business Districts. Russell Thompson, Lele Zhang, Michael Stokoe and Hadi Ghaderi.

Integrating passenger and freight transport via public transport based crowdshipping for sustainable last-mile deliveries. Edoardo Marcucci, Valerio Gatta, Marialisa Nigro, Michela Le Pira and Michele D. Simoni

Physical Internet Enabled Hyperconnected Fulfillment of Delivery Time Sensitive E-Commerce Orders. Nayeon Kim, Benoit Montreuil and Walid Klibi

Self-organisation in parcel distribution – SOLiD’s first results. Hans Quak, Elisah Van Kempen, Bernd Van Dijk and Frank Philipson

Poster presented in this session:

Decentralised freight intelligence in the parcel delivery industry: An experimental study into the impact on routing efficiency. Rosemarie M. Cramer & Paul Buijs.

Session 8: LOGISTAR Workshop


15:30 - 15:40 – Welcome and introductions by Preston Solutions

15:40 - 16:10 – Overview of the LOGISTAR project by Deusto

16:10 - 16:55 – User needs and functional requirements by Preston Solutions

16:55 - 17:30 – Description of living lab use cases by Ahlers

17:30 - 18:20 – Discussion of actions and proposed approach chaired by Preston Solutions

18:20 - 18:30 – Closure and next steps


Session 9: Physical Internet Access & Adoption

Session Chair: Eric Ballot. Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics and Scientific Director of the Physical Internet Chair. Director Centre de Gestion Scientifique. Mines Paris Tech. PI Pioneer Award 2014.

Paper Contributions presented in this session:

Is Collaboration Really Necessary? Or Is it Possible to Reach the Physical Internet by Internalization? Sandra Stein, Matthias Prandtstetter, Fritz Starkl and Gerald Reiner

“protoPI” – Development of a prototypical Gateway to the Physical Internet. Christian Landschuetzer, Bartosz Schatzlmayr-Piekarz, Hans-Christian Graf and Florian Ehrentraut

Comparison of Freight Transport Centralization and Decentralization in the Physical Internet Through Gamification. Mariam Lafkihi, Eric Ballot and Shenle Pan

Invited Presentations:

Supply Chain Digitalization paving the way toward the Physical Internet Adoption. Matthias Wurst. Director Business Development & Dennis Joswig, Business Development, INFORM GmbH

ALICE Physical Internet Knowledge Platform: Bringing Physical Internet Community together. Fernando Liesa. Secretary General, ALICE

19:30 - 23:00

IPIC Summer Rooftop BBQ Dinner @ 30 Euston Square

Awards presented


Day 3 (Thursay, July 11, 2019)

Time Topic
08:30-08:30 Morning coffee


Session 1: ICONET Workshop

New ICT Infrastructure & Reference Architecture to Support Operations in Future PI Logistics Networks ( aims to establish a “cloud-based PI framework and platform”, which builds upon these latter leading-edge technologies, in a pathway that integrates PI-driven capabilities, by means of an incremental and verifiable approach that exploits progress in digital and physical interconnectivity through open and public Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


Session 2: Data Leverage for Interconnected Logistics

Session Chair: Paul Buijs, University of Groningen and PI Builder Award 2018

Paper Contributions presented in this session:

Maintaining data sovereignty in the Physical Internet: enabling data sharing as a commodity in an open, multi-tenant ecosystem. Simon Dalmolen, Harrie Bastiaansen, Maarten Kollenstart, Matthijs Punter, Erwin Somers and Somayeh Djafari

Interoperability in Logistics: An Ontology Alignment Approach. Majid Mohammadi, Wout Hofman and Yao-Hua Tan

Supply Chain Visibility Ledger. Wout Hofman, Jacco Spek and Simon Dalmolen. (from page 14)

Data sharing in supply and logistics networks – towards an open technical infrastructure for the Physical Internet in an open dynamic ecosystem of organizations. Wout Hofman and Simon Dalmolen. (from page 29)

Invited Presentations:

Data sharing platforms and ecosystems: AEOLIX and FENIX Projects. Eusebiu Catana. ERTICO ITS-EUROPE

Session 3: Smart Containers, Intelligent Cargo & Digtal Infrastructure

Session Chair: Angelos Amditis. Research Director, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). ALICE Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics Co-chair.

Paper Contributions presented in this session:

IoT enabling PI: towards hyperconnected and interoperable smart containers. Francesco Marino, Stefano Bocchino, Phuong Dao, Ilias Seitanidis, Piero Castoldi and Claudio Salvadori

Cognitive Logistics Operations through Secure, Dynamic and ad-hoc Collaborative Networks:  The COG-LO project. Kostas Kalaboukas, George Lioudakis, Mariza Koukovini, Marios Zacharias et all.

RTPORT: the 5G-based Model-Driven Real Time Module for General Cargo Management. Alexandr Tardo, Anna Sessler, Rossella Cardone, Luca Stroppolo et all.

Key Capabilities to Thrive at the Nexus of Supply Chain Management  and Digitalization. Patrick Brandtner

Poster in this session:

New Critical Aspects for the Future Information and Communication Infrastructure of the Physical Internet. Dovile Zulanaite, Gerke Schaap and Nick Szirbik


Plenary: Advancing the Next Steps towards Physical Internet

Chair: Paola Chiarini, Policy Officer. European Commission - DG MOVE



  • Ben Kraaijenhagen. Vice-president MAN Truck & Bus AG. Head of Foresight, Central Engineering
  • Bill Pawluk. CEO, Convertible Trailer Concepts
  • Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO, MIXMOVE
  • Marcel HUSCHEBECK. Chief Logistics Research, PTV Group

Session 4: Physical Internet Impacts & Learnings from other Networks

Session Chair: Fernando Liesa, Secretary General, ALICE

Paper Contributions presented in this session:

The bumpy road to the adoption of the Physical Internet – Overcoming barriers from a stakeholder perspective. Tobias Meyer and Evi Hartmann.

Softwarization extended to logistic networks. Miodrag Djurica and Wout Hofman

Is social capital relevant to the Physical Internet? Luis López-Molina, Rosario García García, Angel Cervera, Vanessa Rodriguez Cornejo et all.

Invited Presentations:

Advancing the Next Steps towards Physical Internet: Learning from other networks. Steffen Kaup, Head of Transport and Logistics Future Research, Daimler AG

Disrupting the urban logistics – The Mesh Network Approach. Yossi Rabinovitz, CEO, Quay

Poster presented in this session:

Would the Physical Internet Deliver in Poor, Deprived Areas? Patricia  Assen, Bart Louwerse and Nick Szirbik.


Session 5: Transport Systems Modularisation

Session Chair: Bill Pawluk. CEO, Convertible Trailer Concepts


Marcel Huschebeck. Chief Logistics Research, PTV Group. Transport Modularization, a Cluster perspective

Ben Kraaijenhagen. Head of Foresight, Central Engineering,  MAN Truck & Bus AG. Road Vehicles Developments for the Physical Internet

Ton Bertens. Manager, R&D, Van Eck Trailers. New Modular Logistics Units, synergies between Cluster 2.0 and AEROFLEX

Matthias Haubenreißer. Senior Manager ECR & Supply Chain Management, GS1 Germany. Transparent, sustainable and cost effective: the GS1 SMART-Box in manufacturers to retail networks. 

Poster presented in this session:

Decision support tool for containerization problems. Sihem Be Jouida, Eric Ballot and  Shenle Pan.


Closing Ceremony:

Shenzhen introduction to IPIC 2020

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