The IPIC 2019 conference is made possible through the generosity of our sponsors. If you would like to learn how your organization can support the conference, please visit our "Becoming a Sponsor" page.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The 2019 IPIC conference is made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and supportes.

Gold Sponsors

Cluster 2.0 ENIDE

Clusters 2.0 is a project funded under the European programme Horizon 2020. Our vision is to leverage the full potential of European Logistics Clusters for a more sustainable, efficient and fully integrated transport system. Clusters 2.0 will use an Open Network of Logistics Clusters operating in the frame of Ten-T and supporting local, regional and European development, while keeping neutral the local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use and local pollution levels.


Silver Sponsors


LOGISTAR project proposes the intensive use of Internet of Things, Open Data, Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation techniques and other ICT advances for effective planning and optimizing of transport in the logistics sector. The project results will be tested in the Living Labs by the relevant stakeholders: FMCG, Logistic Transport operators and 4PL.




SELIS is aimed at delivering a ‘platform for pan-European logistics applications’ by:

  • Embracing a wide spectrum of logistics perspectives and creating a unifying operational and strategic business innovation agenda for pan European Green Logistics.
  • Establishing an exceptionally strong consortium of logistics stakeholders and ICT providers, that can leverage EU IP from over 40 projects so as to create proof of concept Common Communication and navigation platforms for pan-European logistics applications deployed in 8 living labs representing the principal logistics communities.
  • Establishing a research and innovation environment using the living labs to provide data than can be used for discovery of new insights that will enable continuous value creation supporting the large scale adoption of SELIS.



ICONET is a 30 month project and will significantly extend the state of the art research and development around the Physical Internet (PI) concept in pursuit of a new networked architecture for interconnected logistics hubs by focusing on the following:


  • Research, under the PI umbrella, into new business models that underpin intermodal transport, warehousing and ecommerce fulfilment.
  • Development of an experimental ICT proof of concept (PoC) Infrastructure Platform to support the simulation and testing of the PI concepts
  • Development of representative PI solutions for each of the three Focus Areas for the corresponding Living Labs.

Project contribution


Shift2Rail’s vision is to deliver the most sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time-driven, digital and competitive customer-centred transport mode for Europe. We do this through research and innovation, which develops cutting-edge innovative solutions to create railway systems of the future for passengers and freight. This is made possible thanks to our members and stakeholders, including SMEs and research institutions, working together across Europe. Shift2Rail fosters the introduction of better trains to the market which can reliably operate on an innovative rail network infrastructure at a lower life-cycle cost, with more capacity to cope with growing passenger and freight mobility demand. Shift2Rail is committed to contributing to the achievement of the Single European Railway Area (SERA).


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