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Are you a start-up or venture deserving the Physical Internet Start-up- or Venture-Award? The European Technology Platform ALICE and the Physical Internet Initiative are looking for innovations, new businesses and new technologies to make a future Physical Internet happen. At this year´s the 5th Physical Internet Award for Start-ups and the 6th Physical Internet Award for Ventures are to be awarded! If you are a Start-up (< 3 years in the market) or Venture (> 3 years in the market) in logistics and your business model is addressing:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Blockchain, Collaborative Decision making applications for logistics.
  • Asset and resources sharing.
  • Assets and resources usage optimization in logistics networks.
  • Automated and autonomous logistics and supply chain operations and processes.
  • Cloud/shared warehouses.
  • Data sharing platforms and logistics applications.
  • End-to-end smart transport solutions aimed to increase vehicle utilization and/or reducing empty runs.
  • e-freight, and digital marketplaces and platforms.
  • Open software for logistics applications and processes.
  • Physical Interoperability of assets and resources (load units, transhipment, etc)
  • Physical Internet urban logistics networks.
  • Shared and open access to logistics resources and services.
  • Shared logistics networks and resources.
  • Synchromodality, (intermodal) routing.
  • 5G Applications in Logistics.
  • Other related to Physical Internet…

Apply for the Award!

If interested, contact us by 15th of March 2023 via


including a presentation of your company or a recent pitch you have done and a motivation of your candidature and the reasons you deserve the Physical Internet Award. ref Start-ups or ref. Ventures

What we offer:

  • Start-ups & Ventures selected for the final will:
    • Be invited to pitch their company and present their case during IPIC 2023 that will be broadly disseminated afterwards.
    • Receive 1 free ticket to participate in IPIC 2023 in Athens, 13-15 June.
    • Space for the project roll up + table for leaflets and materials in the lunch/drink areas (exhibition area)
    • Selected Start-ups will be integrated in ALICE Knowledge Platform/PI Companies getting exposure through the platform and 1300+ users.

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