Venue & Accommodation

IPIC 2023 will be taking place at the Serafeio Cultural Center, a  multidimensional venue managed and operated by the City of Athens, with a capacity of 1000+. The venue is located in the center of city of Athens, with nearby stations:

  • Subway stations near: KERAMEIKOS (8 min walk).
  • Train Stations near: ROUF station (9 min walk)
  • The following Bus lines have routes that pass near Serafio: 035, 049, 815, 914

How to reach the venue from Athens International airport? You may reach the venue either by  Metro or a taxi.

  • By Metro: Metro Line 3 runs from the airport to the city center stations. You can stop at 'Kerameikos' (about 50 minutes trip) and walk for 8-9' minutes to Serafeion Center.
  • By Taxi: Taxi from the airport to central Athens is done on a flat fee and costs €38 through the day (05.00-00.00).

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Hotels Recommendations 

Recommended hotels -and their distance from Serafeio Center- are listed below. Please note that June is high season for conferences in Athens. Therefore, kindly make sure you reserve your accommodation as early as possible.

5* Hotels

4* Hotels

3* Hotels

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The IPIC conference series supports the Physical Internet Initiative.

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