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In an effort to make conference material (i.e. research papers, presentations, proceedings) more accessible to academic search engine indexing and more easily found via public internet search, we are asking for permission to include your material within SMARTech, Georgia Tech's open scholarship repository. By archiving your scholarship within Georgia Tech's SMARTech repository, you will expand the reach of your work and increase its discoverability over time. The Georgia Tech Library will assign a persistent digital object identifier (DOI) to your work and ensure access and preservation indefinitely. The repository is well-indexed by Google and Google Scholar, further increasing the dissemination of your research. There is no charge for this service and please note that by accepting to be included, you do not give up copyright to the work and you do not give up the right to submit the work to publishers or other repositories. Please see the full language of the SMARTech License and Terms of Use, below.

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Example of how IPIC material will be presented (from previous IPIC conference series)

What We Need from You!

*The below form is for authors previous to IPIC 2021. We have already obtained permission from authors for IPIC 2023 and IPIC 2021 and are working our way back in time to previous IPIC conferences. Also, please note that participants in IPIC 2024 will automatically have their paper included in the SMARTech database unless they let the organizers know that they DO NOT want their paper included.

Please click this link* or the below button to access an online form to submit your information. After submitting that form, we will reach out to you to confirm your paper/material as well as provide any supporting information.


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The IPIC conference series supports the Physical Internet Initiative.

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