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On May 27th and May 28th, the IPIC Doctoral Colloquium is scheduled to take place at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The Doctoral Colloquium is oriented towards the development and mentorship of PhD students, offering an exceptional opportunity to receive comprehensive feedback on  ongoing research proposals from both fellow PhD students and esteemed academics in the field of Physical Internet, all within an informal setting. Participants will have the chance to explore a diverse range of perspectives that can enrich and refine their work as they progress towards their PhD degrees, while also establishing valuable connections within their professional network. Additionally, outstanding contributions will be selected for presentation at the main conference.

We warmly invite Ph.D. students to submit their work, which can be at any stage of the research process (e.g., proposal, middle stages, or near completion). The submission format can be either a maximum 2-page summary of an 8-minute presentation or a presentation slide kit planned for the same amount of time. The submission should be made through email to with the subject “IPIC 2024 Doctoral Colloquium Submission”. The submission deadline for Doctoral Colloquium contributions is April 12th, 2024.

The Doctoral Colloquium is intended for Ph.D. students who are also interested in attending IPIC 2024. Participants will receive a certificate upon completing this 10th edition of the IPIC Doctoral Colloquium.

Contributions from all application areas, directly or indirectly related to the Physical Internet, are welcomed. We accept all applied and theoretical research methodologies, such as mathematical modeling, optimization, simulation, case studies, pilot studies, policy formulations, and surveys.

Themes and topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Urban logistics (e.g., Last-Mile delivery, Urban Network Design, E-Commerce Logistics)
  • Transportation (e.g., Synchro-modality, Vehicle Routing, Fleet Management)
  • Intra-hub Logistics (e.g., Warehousing, PI hub design, Cross-docking, Cross Chain Control Centers)
  • Information Technology (e.g., Blockchain, Protocols and Certificates, Track and Trace
  • Policy (e.g., Legal issues, Role of Governments, Stakeholder Management)
  • Business Models and Supply Chain Management (e.g., Supply Network Coordination, Supply Chain Relationships, PI adoption, Inventory Management, Change Management)

Ground transportation will be provided from Atlanta to Savannah on May 28th and from Savannah back to Atlanta on May 31st. We will also have some cool activities you will not want to miss.

Feel free to contact with any inquiries concerning the colloquium. Looking forward to welcoming you to the Doctoral Colloquium in Atlanta!

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