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Day 1 (Tuesday, July 04, 2017)

Time Topic
08:30-10:00 Registration and welcome coffee

Opening ceremony:

- Christian Landschuetzer, TU Graz - IPIC 2017 Organizing committee, Austria
- Harald Kainz, Rector of Graz University of Technology, Austria
- Joerg Leichtfried - Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
(video message) - link to the video message
- Fernando Liesa - ALICE, General Secretary, Belgium

PDF fileOpening ceremony presentations


Plenary keynotes:

Logistic Challenges of CPG Companies - Point of View of the Consumer Goods Forum
Keynote speaker: Ruediger Hagedorn - Senior Manager, End-to-End Value Chain & Standards Pillar, The Consumer Goods Forum - link to homepage of The Consumer Goods Forum


Sustainability and competitiveness - is the Physical Internet an answer?
Keynote speaker: Benoit Montreuil - Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Chair, Professor, Georgia Tech

PDF filePlenary presentation

13:15-16:15 Parallel Sessions and Workshops

Session 1: Retail and E-Commerce

Keynote 1: Flow of goods in a future supply chain
Keynote speaker: Pierre G. Bélanger - Board Member, Clear Destination Inc, Canada
PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 1.1: New Opportunities for supply chains in the FMCG sector
Leader: Sergio Barbarino - Research Fellow of Procter & Gamble Research &
Development organization, Chairman of ALICE, Belgium

PDF fileWorkshop WS1.1 presentations


Workshop 1.2: Interconnected E-Commerce logistics
Leader: Jaco Voorspuij - Senior Manager Transport & Logistics, GS1 Global Office, Belgium

PDF fileWorkshop WS1.2 presentations


Session 2: IT and Digitalization

Keynote 2: Collaboration in freight transportation - IT and digitalization as an enabler
Keynote speaker: Andreas Pichler - Head of R&D and Innovation, Gebrüder Weiss GmbH, Austria

PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 2.1: Digital platforms enabling hyperconnected logistics
Leader: Bartosz Piekarz - Head of logistics - engineering, i-LOG Integrated Logistics
GmbH, Schachinger Logistik-Gruppe, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS2.1 presentations


Workshop 2.2: Open protocols and interconnection models enabling hyperconnected logistics
Leader: Eric Ballot; MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University, France

PDF fileWorkshop WS2.2 presentations


Session 3: Synchromodality and PI systems

Keynote 3: Rail in the Physical Internet - perspective of the EC for synchromodality
Keynote speaker: Carlo Borghini - Executive Director, Shift2rail, Belgium

PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 3.1: Synchromodality
Leader: Oliver Schauer - Professor, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Logistikum, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS3.1 presentations


Workshop 3.2: PI systems
Leader: Oliver Schauer - Professor, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria -
Logistikum, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS3.2 presentations

16:45 - 18:15 CEOs´ best of
18:15 - 20:00

Evening reception and poster session

presented by: Logistics Research Austria - LRA

PDF fileIPIC2017 - Posters

Day 2 (Wednesday, July 05, 2017)

Time Topic
08:30-09:00 Morning coffee

Plenary keynote:

Role of Intralogistics in the Physical Internet
Keynote speaker: Rod Franklin - Adjunct Professor of Logistics, Academic Director of Executive Education, Kühne Logistics University - KLU, Germany

PDF filePlenary presentation

10:15-13:15 Parallel Sessions and Workshops

Session 4: Intralogistics and hub design

Keynote 4: Warehousing 4.0 – Technologies enabling the PI
Keynote speaker: René de Koster - Professor of Logistics and Operations
Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam - Rotterdam School of Management - RSM, The Netherlands

PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 4.1: Technology in Physical Internet hubs
Leader: Markus Winkler - Head of Advanced Technology Development, TGW Logistics Group GmbH, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS4.1 presentations


Workshop 4.2: Modularization in warehouses
Leader: Roman Schnabl - Director Product Management, KNAPP AG, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS4.2 presentations


Session 5: City logistics

Workshop 5.1: Collaborative used city hubs
Leader: Paola Cossu - CEO and Shareholder, FIT Consulting srl, Italy

PDF fileWorkshop WS5.1 presentations


Workshop 5.2: Hyperconnected last mile distribution
Leader: Dario Biggi - Chief Innovation Offi cer, Fondazione proPosta, Itlay

PDF fileWorkshop WS5.2 presentations


14:30-16:00 Parallel Sessions and Workshops

Session 4: Intralogistics and hub design

Workshop 4.3: PI readiness of warehouse technology
Leader: Max Winkler - Vice President Solutions & Technology, SSI SCHÄFER Automation GmbH, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS4.3 presentations


Workshop 4.4: PI and airport logistics
Leader: Vincent Kwaks - CTO, VANDERLANDE INDUSTRIES B.V, The Netherlands

PDF fileWorkshop WS4.4 presentations


Session 6: PI activities

Keynote 6: The Austrian approach in supporting a sustainable transport system by RTI funding activities
Keynote speaker: Sarah Bittner-Krautsack - Programme Offi cer in the Department for Mobility and Transport Technologies, Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria

PDF fileKeynote presentation

link to additional video about Summary of the Austrian competences in Physical Internet


Workshop 6.1: Funding programs to support the Physical Internet (PI)
Leader: Fernando Liesa - Secretary General, ALICE - General Secretary, Belgium

PDF fileWorkshop WS6.1 presentations


Session 7: PI fundamentals

Leader: Rod Franklin - Adjunct Professor of Logistics, Academic Director of Executive
Education, Kühne Logistics University – KLU, Germany

PDF fileSession7 presentations


Session 8: Start-ups & ventures elevator pitch

Leader: Fernando Liesa - Secretary General, ALICE - General Secretary, Belgium

- Clear Destination / Ship2Home; Christian Lafrance - CEO
- Convertible Trailer Concepts; Bill Pawluk - CEO
- MARLO (Mix Move Match); Nuno Bento - CTO
- RIDDLE&CODE GmbH; Tom Fuerstner - Founder & CTO
- SHIPITWISE; Ragmar Saksing - Co-Founder & CTO
- Smart Modular Lockers Services (SMLS) terminals; Clinton Liu - Founder
- STOCKBOOKING; Nikolina Apostolova-Riehl - General Manager (TBC)

PDF fileSession8 presentations


GALA event @ Alte Universität Graz

Day 3 (Thursay, July 06, 2017)

Time Topic
08:30-09:00 Morning coffee

Plenary keynote:

Challenges and opportunities for a 3PL
Keynote speaker: Pablo Gomez- Innovation Director and Iberia General Manager, FM Logistics

PDF filePlenary presentation

09:45-12:45 Parallel Sessions and Workshops

Session 9: Supply chain and Industry 4.0

Keynote 9: How to successfully manage Industry 4.0 along the supply chain and what it will mean for the industry by 2035
Keynote speaker: Prof. Michael Henke - Director of the section Enterprise Logistics,
Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Germany

PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 9.1: Hyperconnected SC in different industries
Leader: Martin Tschandl - Professor and head of department for Industrial Management,
FH Johanneum, Austria

PDF fileWorkshop WS9.1 presentations


Session 10: Distribution networks

Keynote 10: Hyperconnected distribution - Solutions towards sustainable networks
Keynote speaker: Kurt Leidinger - CEO and Chairman of the Board, Schenker Deutschland AG, Germany

Workshop 10.1: PI Hubs and networks
Leader: Chiara Lepori - R&D Coordinator, Interporto Bologna Group, Itlay

PDF fileWorkshop WS10.1 presentations


Workshop 10.2: Project contribution: CORE - Data sharing for seamless trade flows
Leader: Nik Delmeire - Secr. General, European Shippers’ Council -ESC, Belgium


Session 11: Horizontal collaboration and modularization

Keynote 11: Horizontal collaboration - possibilities and roadblocks
Keynote speaker: Bart Vannieuwenhuyse - Partner, TRI-VIZOR NV, Belgium

PDF fileKeynote presentation


Workshop 11.1: Horizontal collaboration
Leader: Dirk`t Hooft - Senior Advisor Logistics Collaboration, Argusi, The Netherlands

PDF fileWorkshop WS11.1 presentations


Workshop 11.2: Modularization for the PI
Leader: Maximo Martinez Avila - Global Transportation BPX Platform Manager, Procter & Gamble, Belgium

PDF fileWorkshop WS11.2 presentations

12:45-13:45 Lunch
13:45-15:15 Parallel Sessions and Workshops

Session 12: Project contribution - Cluster 2.0

Leader: Marcel Huschebeck - Manager Logistics Research, PTV Group, Germany

PDF fileSession12 presentations


Session 13: Blockchain in logistics

Leader: Ignacio López del Moral - Digital Regulation Tech Responsible, EVERIS and Roberto Fernández Hergueta - Head of Emerging Digital Business, EVERIS

PDF fileSession13 presentations


Plenary keynote:

Passion 8000 - dream of a lifetime
Keynote speaker: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

16:00-16:15 Closing ceremony

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