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The 2017 IPIC conference is made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and supportes.

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In its responsibility for applied research in Austria the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) aims (1) to increase the research, technology and innovation (RTI) intensity of the Austrian business sector, (2) to develop technologies for a modern, efficient, reliable and safe infrastructure for overcoming the major challenges of the future and (3) to increase the number of people employed in the area of technology and innovation. Therefore bmvit is taking measures on RTI grants and provides RTI programmes like Mobility of the Future, which addresses amongst others new solutions for sustainable transport logistics and goods transport.


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The KNAPP Group, headquartered in Hart bei Graz, operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software. With its feel for trends and new market requirements combined with its innovative solutions, KNAPP has put its stamp on the intralogistics sector and invests about 30 million euros each year in R&D.


High quality of life, thriving business, education and culture are defining traits of the capital of Styria Province.



TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems provider of highly dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions worldwide. Since 1969 the company has been implementing a diverse range of internal logistics solutions, from small material handling applications to complex logistics centres.



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The overall aim of the UMi-TWINN project is to reinforce the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in logistic systems of the University of Miskolc (UMi) and its high-quality Twinning partners for the benefit of different industries and logistics markets. To achieve this aim, the 3 year project will build upon the existing strong research and innovation base of UMi and its twinning partners Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V. IFF (Fraunhofer), Technische Universitaet Graz (TU Graz) and Intelligentsia Consultants (Intelligentsia).


The vision of Clusters 2.0 is to leverage the full potential of European Logistics Clusters for a sustainable, efficient and fully integrated transport system. Clusters 2.0 will use an Open Network of Logistics Clusters operating in the frame of Ten-T. It will support local, regional and European development, while keeping neutral the local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use and local pollution levels.


The objective of the CORE project is to enable secure and compliant seamless goods flows, based on supply chain visibility. Sharing and access to real time data is a prerequisite to achieve this objective. This session provides the approach taken by the project, show an example of the implementation of this approach and report on an example of its implementation in supply chains.



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