P4: Applications of Physical Internet in Urban Logistics 


Plenary 4 | 15th JUNE, 11.00 - 12.30


The concept of Physical Internet has been applied by logistics innovation practitioners to address challenges urban logistics face, e.g. congestion, pollutions, limited space, and climate change. Since increased e-commerce and associated home delivery have forced cities to take actions in decarbonizing freight transport in urban areas, logistics innovation practitioners have developed solutions using the concept of Physical Internet to maximize usage of assets and  increase efficiency, thus reducing traffic flow, mitigate negative impacts on the environment and society. This session invites practitioners who successfully translate the concept of Physical Internet into urban logistics solutions such as consolidated urban solutions, collaborative urban logistics hubs including micro-hubs, and innovative vehicles design to enable encapsulation of  parcel delivery. It covers key aspects of city logistics, .e.g. policy making, logistics operation and vehicle designs. The session aims to present real-life evidence of benefits of Physical Internet, thus inspiring logistics stakeholders and policy makers to exploit possibilities of Physical Internet in urban environments.  

Keywords:  City logistics , Last mile , Consolidate transport 


Chair: Magnus Blinge, Scania, Vice Chair of ALICE Urban Logistics Group 
  • Paola Cossu, FIT Consulting, Bringing Physical Internet to policy making: Physical Internet in Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan 
  • Ioanna Fergadiotou, INLECOM, Physical Internet in URBANE’s Living Labs
  • Prof. Dr. J. Rod Franklin, Kühne Logistics University, What can Physical Internet help in decarbonizing City Logistics?
  • Hans, Schurmans, Proximus, Our experiences with Consolidated Urban Logistics Transport 
  • Ignacio Magallón, URBANIZED Project, Modular and Flexible Solutions for Urban-Sized Zero-Emissions Last-Mile Delivery and Services Vehicles 

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