P2. Physical Internet initiatives worldwide 

Plenary 2 | Wednesday, 14th JUNE, 10.30 - 12.00  


The physical Internet has evolved and is getting traction worldwide. Many initiatives and projects are developed creating an organic momentum towards implementation and development. In this session, we will get an overview of the Physical Internet Development worldwide including Australia, China, Europe, Japan and USA 
The session panelist will address these questions: 
  • Could you highlight the main 2-3 milestones and achievements related to Physical Internet in your region/country?   
  • Who are the main stakeholders supporting the initiatives in your region/country (public/private/govermanent)? and how are they involved in the research (funding programmes/use-cases/policy making)?  
  • What you expect to happen (your vision) in the short and long term in your region related to logistics/supply chain and Physical Internet  

Agenda & speakers: 

  • Benoit Montreuil. Coca-Cola Chair in Material Handling and Distribution. Director, Physical Internet (PI) Center and PI Lab. Georgia Tech. USA 
  • Eric Ballot. Professor. MINES Pari – PSL. FRANCE-EUROPE 
  • Lóri Tavasszy. Professor, Freight & Logistics Systems. Delft University of Technology . The Netherlands-Europe. 
  • Russell G. Thompson. Professor in Transport Engineering. The University of Melbourne. AUSTRALIA 
  • Tadashi Mizutani. Expert Consultant Nomura Research Institute. JAPAN
Moderator: Shenle Pan, Associate Professor. Mines Paris-PSL University.

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