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* 11.18 full day and 11.19 Morning program will be broadcast live in Chinese at Beijing time. The full video of the program will be recorded, translated in English and uploaded to the website after the conference.

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 Parallel Session Details and Zoom Link

11.19 Parallel Sessions – China Europe

(Beijing Time 14:00-16:00 / Paris time 07:00-09:00 / Atlanta time 01:00-03:00)

Session 1

Topic: Data-driven Modelling and Optimization of Intelligent Systems Session ChairWei Qin

Zoom Link: (ID: 993 5976 8196)


Paper No.


The design of hybrid hub-and-spoken networks for dynamic large-scale express logistics: A case study of Chinese express


Yue Li, Yu Li and

Wei Qin

A novel reinforcement learning-based hyper-heuristic for heterogeneous vehicle routing problem


Yu Chen, Yue Li and Wei Qin

Multi-agent reinforcement learning-based dynamic task assignment for vehicles in urban transportation physical internet


Wei Qin, Yanning Sun, Zilong Zhuang,
Zhiyao Lu and Yaoming Zhou

Session 2

Topic: Physical Internet enabled synchronized Production Operation Management Session ChairMing Li

Zoom Link: (ID: 961 5938 7218)


Paper No.


Research on Multi-Dimensional "Production-Logistics" Synchronization Based on Improved Collaborative Optimization


Kai Zhang, Ting Qu, Yongheng Zhang,
Zhongfei Zhang and George Q. Huang

Cloud-Fog-Edge Computing Based Production Logistics System Synchronization Decision in Industrial Park


Yanghua Pan, Ting Qu and Naiqi Wu

Optimal scheduling of multi-objective flexible job synchronization in an IoT system considering carbon emissions


Zhongfei Zhang, Ting Qu, George Q Huang
and Junjie Song

Physical Internet-enabled synchronized optimization for Milk-run transportation and Cross-docking warehouse in industrial park


Yuanxin Lin, Ting Qu, Kai Zhang
and George Q Huang

Session 3

Topic: Data-driven Optimization for Smart Transportation Logistics Session ChairPengyu Yan

Zoom Link: (ID: 948 2218 5318)


Paper No.


Two Echelon Vehicle and Autonomous Delivery Robots Routing for E-Grocery Operations


Dan Liu, Pengyu Yan and Evangelos Kaisar

Reinforcement learning based GA for solving the routing problem


Xiaohui Li, Peifan Li and Pengyu Yan

Dynamic Optimal Approach for an Electric Taxi Fleet's Charging and Order-service Schemes


Kaize Yu, Pengyu Yan and Zhibin Chen

Data-driven Fulfillment Optimization for a Parking Reservation Management Problem


Mingyan Bai, Pengyu Yan, Zhixian Zhang
and Kaize Yu


11.19 Parallel Sessions - China Europe

(Beijing Time 16:00-18:00 / Paris time 09:00-11:00 / Atlanta time 03:00-05:00)

Session 4

Topic: Optimization and Data Analytics for Smart Cities Session Chair :Suxiu Xu

Zoom Link: (ID: 993 5976 8196)


Paper No.


Analysis of a Physical Internet enabled parking slot management system


Bingqing Tan, Suxiu Xu and Kai Kang

Application of multi-objective robust optimization method based on drone delivery in the last mile


Jianghong Feng, Suxiu Xu and Ming Li

Dynamic lot-sizing and revenue strategy in sequential Dutch auction with multi-dimensional signals


Xiangtianrui Kong and Yanhong Long

Hierarchical Staffing Problem in Nursing Homes


Ting Zhang, Shuqing Liu, Ping Feng, Yali Zheng and Wenge Chen

Session 5

Topic: Last mile & City Logistics Session Chair :Shenle Pan

Zoom Link: (ID: 985 9441 5663)


Paper No.


Digital Twin Platform for Smart City Logistics: conceptualization and ontology-based modeling


Yu Liu, Shenle Pan and Eric Ballot

Analysis of multiple-type vehicle routing problem with instant delivery considering automated vehicle applications


Tao Cheng and Yong Zhang

Decentralized and centralized transport and logistics carbon emission optimization and emission norms for the transport and logistics sector


Igor Davydenko,Meike Hopman and Jordy Spreen

Green Location-Routing Problem with Delivery Options in the Last-Mile Distribution System


Mengtong Wang and Canrong Zhang

Session 6

Topic: Optimization scheduling system Session Chair :Yue Zhai

Zoom Link: (ID: 982 2883 4796)


Paper No.


Design and decision optimization of robot shuttle systems


Wei Wang, Yaohua Wu and Ming Li

Application of Internet of Things into smart home scheduling


Yun Huang and Fan Gao

Nowcasting Tourism Demand Using AI-based Techniques with Big Data


Xinyan Zhang

The value of digital twin in dual time hedging for the prefabricated construction


Yue Zhai and Meng Cheng


11.19  Europe – US Online Session (Zoom

Zoom Link: (ID: 966 4076 0872)



Beijing Time

Paris time

Atlanta time

US-Europe Keynote (Zoom)

22:00 – 22:30

15:00 – 15:30

09:00 – 09:30

Keynote: Barriers, Opportunities/triggers and Infrastructural Investments in the Physical Internet.

Sergio Barbarino

22:30 – 23:30

15:30 – 16:30

09:30 – 10:30

ALICE roadmap to the Physical Internet. Towards a Physical Internet Initiative Global Roadmap.

Andreas Nettsträter (Fraunhofer IML) & Fernando Liesa (ALICE)

23:30- 24:00

16:30– 17:00

10:30 – 11:00

Implications of PI roadmap for the scientific research agenda. Lóri Tavasszy


11.20  Parallel Sessions – China Europe

(Beijing Time 16:00-18:00 / Paris time 09:00-11:00 / Atlanta time 03:00-05:00)

Session 7

Topic: Digitalisation in the Maritime Supply Chain (Session Chair : Hing Kai Chan)

Zoom Link: (ID: 974 1172 4186)


Paper No.


The adoption of technological innovations in maritime supply chains: from the perspective of current container booking process


Fangli Zeng, Hing Kai Chan and Kulwant Pawar

A systematic forecasting approach for container throughput


Shuojiang Xu and Hing Kai Chan

Interplay between digitalisation, supply chain partnership, and open innovation: Research perspectives


Ying Chen, Hing Kai Chan and Zhao Cai




Session 8

Topic: Business models for open & interconnected supply chain (Session Chair : Zelong Yi)

Zoom Link: (ID: 942 6324 7297)


Paper No.


Can Information be Credibly Communicated in Automobile Industry? The Role of Trust and Trustworthiness


Zhong-Zhong Jiang, Jinlong Zhao and Zelong Yi

How should a capital-constrained servicizing manufacturer search for financing? The impact of supply chain leadership


Zhong-Zhong Jiang, Guangqi Feng
and Zelong Yi

Integrated Infrastructure Planning for Edge Computing with Strategic Network Formation


Wenjuan Hou, Lan Lu and Qiaochu He

Efficient and Truthful Multi-Attribute Auctions for Crowdsourced Delivery


Fei Xiao, Haijun Wang, Shuojia Guo, Xu Guan and Baoshan Liu

Session 9

Topic: Systems and Technologies for Logistics and Manufacturing (Session Chair :Kin Keung Lai)

Zoom Link: (ID: 935 9315 7102)


Paper No.


Integrated Production and Maintenance Scheduling using Memetic algorithm under Time-of-use Electricity tariffs


Tong Ning and Jian Chen

A Two-Stage Production Planning Model for Perishable Products Under Uncertainty


Kin Keung Lai and Ming Wang

IoT-enabled Material Management Mobility System in aviation MRO


Qiqi Chen, Ming Li and George G.Q. Huang

Resource efficiency optimization-oriented digital twin unmanned warehouse system


Peihan Wen, Xuqian Ye and Yiyang Liu

Session 10

Topic: Hyperconnected operations in the era of Industry 4.0 (Session Chair :Ray Zhong)

Zoom Link: (ID: 926 7974 5839)


Paper No.


Synchronized unitization of factory logistic for hybrid assembly line under zero warehousing smart manufacturing


Zhongyuan Lyu and George Q. Huang

Synchroperation in Industry 4.0 Manufacturing


Daqiang Guo, Mingxing Li, Zhongyuan Lyu, Kai Kang, Wei Wu, Ray Y. Zhong and George Q. Huang

Graduation Intelligent Manufacturing System for Advanced Planning and Scheduling in PI-enabled Hyperconnected Fixed- Position Assembly Islands


Mingxing Li, Daqiang Guo, Ray Zhang and
George Q. Huang

Digital Twin-enabled real-time track and trace for Quality Control off Production Lines


Wei Wu


 11.20 Parallel Sessions – Europe US (2020.11.20)

(Beijing Time 22:00-24:00 / Paris time 15:00-17:00 / Atlanta time 09:00-11:00)

Session 11

Topic: Physical Internet Greater China (Session Chair :Clinton Liu)

Zoom Link: (ID: 945 4069 4215)


Paper No.


The Dynamic Interplay between Physical Internet and Open Innovation across Greater China


Clinton Liu

Dynamic Deployment of the manufacturing facility and distributed cold chain infrastructure for the Covid-19 vaccine


Suzanne Marcotte

Pharma Serialization and blockchain-powered platform for improving Traceability, Transparency and Trust


Grainne Lynch

Maritime industry policy and modeling of ESG impact from the ocean activities


Adolf Ng

Blockchain use case in Pharma Supply Chain and interplay between the Physical Internet and Open Innovation


Clinton Liu

Session 12

Topic: The application of Physical Internet (Session Chair :Abraham Zhang)

Zoom Link: (ID: 927 9668 9262)


Paper No.


Design and Validation of Routing Artifacts as a Part of the Physical Internet Framework


Steffen Kaup, André Ludwig and Bogdan Franczyk

PhysICAL – Physical Internet through Cooperative Austrian Logistics


Florian Ehrentraut, Sandra Stein and Matthias Prandtstetter

Internet of Things (IoT)-Enabled Accountability in Source Separation of Household Waste for a Circular Economy in China


Bill Wang, Muhammad Farooque,

Ray Y. Zhong,
Abraham Zhang and Yanping Liu

Project ICONET: A Tested Ecosystem (Living Lab) For Physical Internet Services


Steve Rinsler,

João Queiroga, Kostas Zavitsas,
David Cipres and Angela Cruz

Session 13

Topic: Crowdsourcing Logistics (Session Chair :Xiao Lin)

Zoom Link: (ID: 946 3150 5540)


Paper No.


Citywide Package Deliveries via Crowdshipping: Minimizing the Efforts from Crowdsourcers


Chao Chen, Cheng Sijing, Shenle Pan

 Hongyu Huang

Complexity of rules in crowdsourced deliveries and its level of intrusiveness on participants: An experimental case study in the Netherlands


Xiao Lin,

Yoshinari Nishiki and

Lóránt A. Tavasszy

Development of an automated parcel-handling transportation concept using public city-trams


Alexander Gruber, Matthias Hayek, Martin Riester, Karl Ott,

Sandra Stein and Wilfried Sihn

Data-driven analytics-based capacity management for hyperconnected third-party logistics providers


Jana Boerger and Benoit Montreuil

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