S1. Shared load carriers in Manufacturer to Retail Distribution Networks

June 15th | 13.00 to 14.30 CET | Stream 1


Session Description 

Shared Load Carriers is one of the main elements towards Physical Internet. The Modulushca project developed initial principles. From those roots, the Consumers Goods Forum and GS1 have assessed the concept and made steps towards implementation. In this session we will update on the status of implementation of the GS1 SMART-Box project presented in IPIC 2019 Matthias Haubenreißer. Senior Manager ECR & Supply Chain Management, GS1 Germany. Transparent, sustainable and cost effective: the GS1 SMART-Box in manufacturers to retail networks.  
The project is becoming a reality and will be launch soon in real operations. The session will address the following aspects: 
  • We need to define and install an industry standard for boxes and load carriers that can be shared and interoperable across supply chains to reduce waste and enable further sustainability increasing assets utilization. 
  • GS1 is playing a leading role to facilitate and enable this transformation with the GS1 SMART-Box project to be in operations soon in the German Market involving leading retailers and brands. 
  • After Germany, other markets will adopt the standard creating additional scale and enabling other category products to be incorporated to the pool. 
  • Colruyt and P&G will share their testimonials and learnings so far in terms engagement required (i.e. companies that invest time, effort & money into the learning and transition management Plan) and call for action. 

Session Agenda 

  • Matthias Haubenreisser. GS1 Germany. The GS1 SMART-Box in manufacturers to retail networks state of play in the German Market and roll out potentials
  • Dirk Freda, Director Operations IPP. The pooling company perspective
  • Reinhard Wesp, Director Physical Distribution & Customization DACH, Procter & Gamble. Testimonial and learnings from P&G: The manufacturer perspective. 
  • Wouter Schaekers, President GS1 Belgium and Procter & Gamble – partnering up across countries to enable innovation with GS1 standards driving value for our members. 
  • Dirk Leemans, Colruyt Group. Testimonial and learnings from Colruyt Group: The retailer perspective in the Belgian market. 
Panel discussion & Q&A with the audience (30 min) 
  • Francesca Poggiali, GS1 Public Policy Director Europe, Ηow the GS1 open standards boost interoperability and circularity and support companies efforts to enable the green and digital transition along supply chain 

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